What you will need

With the molded mouthguard from Step 1, we'll make a clay imprint of your top teeth. This clay imprint will be used to determine the positions of the circuit boards on the top teeth (Step 4), and help with sealing the assembled Sensor Ribbon (Step 6).

Start by breaking out the air-dry modeling clay. Beware the clay stains.

Roll it into a snake, roughly 1 inch thick. Form an arc with this snake underneath your mouthguard, leaving roughly 1/2 inch at the ends.

Add a bit more clay to the middle of the snake to match the height of the middle part of the mouthguard.

Place the mouthguard on top of the clay. Gently press down to form the teeth imprint. Check if the clay fills the entirety of the mouthguard, add or remove clay accordingly.

Gently lift up the mouthguard, make sure the clay imprint stays in shape.

To harden the clay imprint, heat it up with a heat gun under low heat for approximately 5 minutes. The imprint will turn whiter when it hardens.

Teeth imprint complete! You'll use this clay mold to align the Pallette circuit boards and to ensure that the final Pallette device fits properly.